For Jovie, On Your Third Birthday

walking behind You down the hallway
and i am amazed that You exist,

and i am amazed
that the years we use to mark the time of You
is to You, nothing.

(the mention of presents sent you searching
for a tree to shake them under
and for the bearded man you heard
while you were bathing in december.)

i listen to you call from your bed for your mother
and i am amazed that a heart is multiplied by division,
that in creating You we were recreating us....



Push it Down

The ordering of my life that is. A two year absence in the physical world is so much more...physical.

Dates on a page, spaced apart by inches, Inches that convey so little. Inches as a measure of time. How many of these incomplete sentences will it take to cover the span of my life?

Here day, grey day and the window merely frames it.