My Question to You is This

what love is there in not trying?

chris h


One Day I Will Own a Bumper Sticker Business

and my first sticker will say

When I Get Stuck It Will Be In The Ruts Of Hell

also when i am an evangelist i will
use a variation of this theme
in most of my altar calls

i have decided to follow Jesus

chris h


Our Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to You; or In this Precious Game is the Promise of Our Redemption

baseball season has started.
already there are blemishes
on every team's record.

but there is still hope.
september, that cruel month
of separation is still a hot summer away.

chris h


April Showers

it's cold outside
and so is my heart
(a bold statement
for anyone to make)

or so i like to think...that hearts
can be cold or hot. not that my
synapses and endorphins are merely at odds
with one another.
(or their respective yangs )

chris h


Exponential Decay

i don't know what it means
(and don't want to)


overhearing that term
in a classroom today

was for me
the closest math ever came to poetry

chris h

also excuse my gratuitous stanza breaks for meter and rhyme
(and my calling attention to the aforementioned)