thank you moon

your slow death and resurrection
your monthly wink goodnight




last night in arkadelphia i watched lots of moments
in my life, time and place, friends and relations, then and now.

it's funny how the mind triggers certain things, like squirelling
away a bottle of old tennis shoes in the back of thrio's with
good friends...and the mind misplaces others, like dancing on a
school bus in the rain.

vernacular calls life a circle, i have friends who call it
a triangle. i think a triangle is closer to the truth; one that
is drawn with those battery powered squiggle pens from grade school.



the sun sets in the west, or how my mother revealed to me the origins of rainbows and the moment seemed beautiful and not sappy

mom, the sun has really faded all the dustjackets
on the books in this case. and the fabric on this chair.
i always wonder where the color goes when the sun fades it.

it goes to make rainbows.



and this is the hope we have

that Christ died, was buried, and rose again
the third day
according to the Scriptures.

i have a wife, a job, a home,
what need do i have for
Faith and Grace and Redemption?

all the more as we see the day approaching.

pray for us sinners, now and in the
hour of our death, Amen.