Are You Serious

on thursday the 28th
i will celebrate my two year anniversary
it's been (and continues to be) a good run


sometimes at night i wake up and think
"whose leg is flung over my body...ahh i'm married"

(i relate that story in the best light)

here's to two more years

chris h


Just a Thought

that Frost's A Line-Storm Song
and Tolkien's Tale of the Entwives
are remarkably similiar
in tone, feel, and sentiment.

do a little work, read the two of them
and continue my thesis in the comment section

chris h


No, it's Iowa

i'm back in america
(with everything that goes with it)

if you want to hear about canada
call me and i will be happy to tell you about it.

someone asked me my 5 favorite movies
here they are in no particular order

favorite actor James Stewart and an imaginary(?) 6 foot tall rabbit named Harvey. there are a few movie characters that i wish i could be, elwood dowd is one of them. the first time i watched it i thought it was very odd, the second time (and every time since) i thought it was beautiful. i cry a little every time. i love it for many reasons, not the least of which is because of who introduced it to me.

"The names Dowd, Elwood P., here's my card."

The Natural
in jr. english i wrote a paper comparing this movie to the classical epic quest. who doesn't love a larger than life story of redemption about america's pastime. every time the lights start popping at the end and the music plays, i stand up and run the bases with Robert Redford (another favorite actor). also, everytime i have a bat in my hands i am swinging for the lights.

"And then when I walked down the street people would've looked and they would've said there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in this game."

Holiday Inn
oldest on the list (1942). concocted by irving berlin (some would say primarily to feature his new song "White Christmas," which won the oscar for original song) this is my go to holiday movie. starring bing crosby, fred astaire (two more favorites, check out bing in The Bells of St. Mary's) and marjorie reynolds, this movie has it all. singing, dancing, every holiday under the sun, love lost, love found, and general all around holiday feel good. watch it for any holiday or any time you're feeling down.

"I'll capture her heart singing...

Wait til she get's a load of my dancing."

Band of Brothers
ok so it's a miniseries not a movie but if you watch them all together it's like a ten hour marathon movie (which i've done once and attempted three other times). amazing yet true story following a company of soldiers (easy company, US Army 101st Airborne division) from d-day through the end of the war. heroism, comradery, testosterone, making the world safe for democracy, it's hard to be male and not love this (but there are also about 5 places where i lose it). spielberg and hanks take a bunch of actors you've rarely heard of and eight different directors for ten episodes and produce the greatest wwII epic ever. the cinematography is excellent (think spielberg's Saving Private Ryan) and a character unto itself. while the basic neutral graininess is continued throughout, different directors take different approaches regarding first and third person camera work, steadicam and track etc. no one will ever truly capture war firsthand but this can't be a far stretch.

"We're paratroopers, Lieutenant, we're supposed to be surrounded."

ok so all i had in me was 4 so how bout a list of honorable mentions
Hoosiers "Four passes!"

Field of Dreams (i'm a sucker for three sports movies and this is the third) "Is this Heaven?"

The Life Aquatic (is it unacceptable to be our age and not love wes anderson) "You might be on "B" Squad, But you're the "B" Squad leader."

A Bridge too Far (honorable mention war movie, with gene hackman, robert redford, sean connery, laurence olivier, james caan, michael caine, anthony hopkins, others) "Hail Mary, full of Grace..."

there are others but i am tired of this game

which ones have you seen, what are your favorites

chris h


That Weather Change Feeling

spent the weekend in nashville
and had a lovely time. lots of
wonderful friends (new and old) in one place.

everyone loved us, and no one loved our music.
(which was one of many sobering realizations had this weekend)
danced until i slept on the dance floor.

and driving home feeling ways i didn't
know i could feel anymore.

(and as much as i hated it i loved it)

will be in canada the 13th-19th
no phone, no internet, not much at all.

(a pen and paper, a rod and reel)

i love you all

chris h

also i pray for you that
there is more on ov ct than
whiskey and dead ends


In These Things God Reminds Us

the summer road
and in every next rise
a false black drip slides
(down the contour and away)

chris h