i call myself

i saved poems i wrote on another computer
now i can't find them again, maybe if i went through
the last 2 and a half years of my xanga site, maybe if
my adoring fans would send me copies they saved on their

also i think i will sign my posts and comments here as


editorials killed the radio star

if my typography or italics drives you crazy i apologize, it is only meant to group my thoughts.

when hurricanes or tornadoes or tsunamis or wars or...
come along and do the things that they do,
then in turn, people come along and do the things that they do.

and the newspapers write about all of the things that get done.
bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and good things that people do.
bad gets the most attention, but good gets some.

when good gets the attention that it gets, it gets it like this,
"the inherent goodness of humanity", "the basic desire of people to do good",
"the human spirit shines through", "insert editorial hyperbole here".

i think that lessens people.

people do bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and good things.
they do the bad things because they are bad. they do the good things
in spite of being bad. that makes the good things all the more good.

i think

chris h


hardwood floors

my wife and i have been looking for a house to live in
i (she does too) like old houses

i grew up in one, maybe that's why,
or maybe because they are old,
and i am not

chris h


ships and tacks and ceiling wax

the capt. told me to jump ship
i asked how high

this bone is a complex fracture
(the most beautiful kind of break)

but still

chris h